NUENI #008 - 'OXID'- EC.

'OXID is the work of Spanish electronic musician Estanis Comella and is one of those releases that finds its way here unbidden in the hope that I might find something to like thus giving Estanis and Nueni Rec some much needed promotion [they don't need it, I've just checked]. You win some, you lose some. Fifty five minutes of electronic beats that I found hard going and offering praise I find harder still. But I didn’t give up, I found the Estanis Comella Soundcloud page and had a listen there but still the same computerized [I’m guessing] software generated deconstructed beats. I imagine Sonar in Barcelona to be full of such work, mildly interesting for those who are in to such things but ultimately unrewarding for those who aren’t.'

Mark Wharton (Idwal Fisher)