NUENI #008 - 'OXID'- EC.

'OXID is the work of Spanish electronic musician Estanis Comella and is one of those releases that finds its way here unbidden in the hope that I might find something to like thus giving Estanis and Nueni Rec some much needed promotion [they don't need it, I've just checked]. You win some, you lose some. Fifty five minutes of electronic beats that I found hard going and offering praise I find harder still. But I didn’t give up, I found the Estanis Comella Soundcloud page and had a listen there but still the same computerized [I’m guessing] software generated deconstructed beats. I imagine Sonar in Barcelona to be full of such work, mildly interesting for those who are in to such things but ultimately unrewarding for those who aren’t.'

Mark Wharton (Idwal Fisher)   

' Great to hear another “anti-copyright” record of obscure electronic noise from Hector Rey and his Nueni Recs label from Bilbao in the Basque country. Cassettes and CDRs from this corner of experimento-land are always welcome – Rey seems to seek out the odd and the unclassifiable through his curational skills. Today we have Oxid (NUENI RECS NUENI 010) by EC. EC is Estanis Comella, who was the keyboardist and sampler player in Cooloola Monster, whose gritty raw noise escapades entertained us muchly around 2010-2012. Taking a solo turn on Oxid, he fumbles about with synths, keyboards, drum machines and perhaps some distorting effects, to produce 17 short episodes of demented experimental fun. While you might be misled by the opening cuts to expect some form of crude techno-based malarkey, keep listening all the way through and prepare to have your socks unravelled and your mind turned into a bowl of cocoa-mush…by the illogical and unpredictable swipes and hammers of EC. This globular broadcast from the hunt-and-peck school of programming is about as far away as we could get from the precision and ultra-clean lines of the Raster-Noton school, and instead makes a good case for the aesthetic pleasures of elephant-blare trumpets, ugly fizz vomit, and concreto-mix beats. Stark, spartan, diabolical construction genius at work…a man who, if left in charge of managing a nightclub, would probably follow a house policy that resulted in all trendy 20-somethings bathed head to toe in noxious green slime. Just great! '

 Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector)